Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The First Batch of The Drawing Board

What I'm posting today is the first batch of unfinished paintings on the drawing board.  Each one of the paintings today I created at a spark of inspiration.  These are not planned out, drawn out, or in any other way thought through.  These are the kinds of images that get me into trouble.  What I'm hoping to decide with each of these is 1) are they laid out correctly?  2) is the composition strong?  3) do I still have the creative spark strong enough to finish it?

This is an image from my trips to Wildlife Images in Grants Pass, Oregon.  This is a bard owl named Opal.  what I was going for in this image was an owl possibly hunting in the twilight of the evening.  So far, I like this one, and I think I'll be continuing to work on it.  (Plus my sister said I have to, so there you go.)

This is another image from a Wildlife Images animal - Clark the Cougar.  This piece, I believe, is too flawed anatomically that this one will be recycled.

I'm not entirely sure what inspired this one, but it's cute... so I plan on finishing.

Here is a sporadically inspired city painting, which is never a good idea.  All buildings and straight line NEED TO BE PLANNED AHEAD!!  That being said, I'll try to finish this one.

Here's a fun one.  Inspired by the antics of my son.  This painting, however, has been giving me fits since I started it a couple years ago.  Yet for some reason, I am compelled to finish.

Nude in a garden.  I've been requested to finish this one as well, so there you go.

Another one of my son.  He's throwing a rock onto a little creek.  I don't know about this one.  I think I'll set it towards the back of the pile and think about it later.

There is the start to the paintings I've found laying around the studio.  But don't worry.. there are many more.

Until next time!  Happy painting!

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